Obtain $18 Off for Runescape Gold 2007 as New Year Treat

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Obtain $18 Off for Runescape Gold 2007 as New Year Treat

Postby rs3gold00 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:51 am

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This article finds such a conceptualisation of the referentiality approach limited and puts forward the argument that this approach has scope for further development. The example of the analysis of the implementation of the Bologna Process, which is a European intergovernmental higher education policy initiative, in Ukraine is used to illustrate the prospects of the development of the referentiality approach. The argument in the article is developed on the basis of a critical analysis of the literature that uses the referentiality approach, and on the basis of empirical evidence from Ukraine. This evidence contains exemplary extracts from 10 semi structured interviews with national policy makers, representatives from national and international organisations that deal with higher education in Ukraine, and staff members and instructors at two higher education institutions in Ukraine. Expanding the horizons of the referentiality approach is aimed to contribute to a wider and richer application of the referentiality approach in education policy research.

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