not sure what im doing wrong

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not sure what im doing wrong

Postby munch15a » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:40 am

Hello all i've run this script and a few others and can not get them to work or do anything i've called the file idea.zs

and put it in the scrips folder of the save file of my server tho also tried in the general scripts directory

[[<Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>],
[<Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>],
[<Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>, <Forestry:beeCombs>]]);

can any one tell me what im doing wrong ?

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