How To Get Motifs in The Elder Scrolls Online

How To Get Motifs in The Elder Scrolls Online

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Do you prefer Aarons or Minotaurs? Master anything in The Elder Scrolls Online with ease with this handy guide.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a full-featured MMO role-playing game with a huge range of different customization options that allow you to determine exactly how your character is presented to other players. One of the most important customizations in ESO is the pattern that you can use to change the look of your light, medium, and heavy armor.

Thematic chapters can be earned in ESO in many different ways, such as B. by completing dungeons, looking for treasure chests and finding chapters in the game world. There are so many different themed styles that some of them are worth more than others due to their unique appearance.

Aldmeri Dominion graphic

Color scheme: gray with gold accents
How to get it: Find treasure chests in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City as part of the Aldmeri Dominion faction
The Aldmeri Dominion is one of the 3 different factions in ESO and has one of the best styles in the game thanks to its elegance and beautiful colors.

The different types of armor of light, medium and heavy armor all look very similar to the pattern of the Aldmeri Dominion, they are all gray with gold on the helmet. To get the chapters of this topic, you will have to search for chests in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City if you belong to the Aldmeri Dominion faction.

Silk ring motif

Color: dark brown, navy blue and silver
How to Get It: Complete the Cradle of Shadows Dungeon.
The Silken Ring pattern is rather rare and it is no surprise that most players prefer this style as it is perfect for players who like to decorate their helmets. The heavy armor in the style of the silk ring is arguably the best, as it includes a sturdy helmet and knight-suitable hull armor.

To get access to the different chapters of the Silk Ring, you have to complete the dungeon "Cradle of Shadows", at the end of which you get access to a chapter.

Daggerfall Covenant Theme

Color: blue and silver
How to Get It: Unlocks treasure chests in the Imperial City and Cyrodiil as part of the Daggerfall Pact
The Daggerfall Covenant is another faction in ESO that is even better than the Aldmeri Dominion theme in terms of style as it has a lot of personality. It allows you to customize your character with the pride of a lion.

The end of each helmet is uniquely decorated for each type of armor, and there are enough differences between the three different types that you have to equip each type of armor with a different character. While fighting for the Daggerfall Covenant Camp, you can earn Daggerfall Covenant chapters by opening chests in Cyreniel and the Emporium.

Xivkyn theme

Color: black, dark gray and red
How to get it: Collect in the Imperial City Treasury
The Xivkyn theme and style were added to the game with the Imperial City DLC and are viewed by many players as an updated version of the Daedric armor as they represent some sort of Daedric enemy.

As mentioned earlier, the Xivkyn style theme best reflects the Daedra and the type of armor they like to wear. You can get the Xivkyn-themed chapters from the Imperial City Treasury, which makes this themeless common than others that you get outside of the PVP area. But you can buy eso gold to get them without wasting time.
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