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Phytogenic Insolator - Modtweaker not working? (+Details)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:07 pm
by Namorax
Apologies for posting this in the wrong thread, and without the required details...

My problem seems to be that it is impossible to add or remove any recipes for the Phytogenic Insolator (and only THAT machine).

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//Phytogenic Insolator
//InputStack1, InputStack2
mods.thermalexpansion.Insolator.removeRecipe(<ThermalExpansion:material:517>, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>);
mods.thermalexpansion.Insolator.removeRecipe(<ThermalExpansion:material:516>, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>);
//InputRF, InputStack1, InputStack2, OutputStack1, OutputStack2, Chance
mods.thermalexpansion.Insolator.addRecipe(9600, <ThermalExpansion:material:517>, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>, <ThermalFoundation:material:8>*3, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>, 50);
mods.thermalexpansion.Insolator.addRecipe(7200, <ThermalExpansion:material:516>, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>, <ThermalFoundation:material:8>*1, <AgriCraft:seedFerranium>, 50);
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The code is taken from the wikia and correct (as far as I can see).

Some details:
I am playing Minecraft on 1.7.10, using Minetweaker 3.0.10B, Modtweaker 0.9.5 and Thermal Expansion v4.1.2-240.
Since there is no crash I didn't add a crashlog...

My issue can be easily reproduced if you try to replace or change any recipe in the Phytogenic Insolator. The seeds will always produce their original crop, even if that seed was also edited by Modtweaker. In the example above, I tried to take a Ferranium which produces Iron Nuggets, and replace the Iron Nugget with anything else.
Using the Modtweaker code for Agricraft, it is possible to edit the Ferranium to make it grow whatever I want, but the Insolator will stubbornly use the original recipe.

Re: Phytogenic Insolator - Modtweaker not working? (+Details

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:27 pm
by Ashley1
Im getting the exact same issue and it is so frustrating...