Help with NBT Recipe Adding?

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Help with NBT Recipe Adding?

Postby MarshMilo100 » Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:20 am

I am making a mod pack and am trying to change many of the recipes to include red alloy ingots (from project red) instead of redstone dust, to make them more difficult. But when doing so ran into a problem with thermal expansion 4 redstone furnaces tiers only being different by their NBT tags. Using MCEdit, i found that the tag i need to change is the "Level:" tag but i am not sure of the format i need to use, because the minetweaker3 wiki is kind of fuzzy in that area.

(Also, does anyone know how to do global variables in the scripts, so as to have a dictionary file, where the variables are defined, and then have the other files reference it?)

var alloy = <ProjRed|Core:projectred.core.part:10>;
var bricks = <minecraft:brick_block>;
var coppergear = <ore:gearCopper>;
var reception = <ThermalExpansion:material:1>;
var basic = <ThermalExpansion:Frame:0>;
var hardened = <ThermalExpansion:Frame:1>;
var reinforced = <ThermalExpansion:Frame:2>;
var resonant = <ThermalExpansion:Frame:3>;


#Redstone Furnace
recipes.addShaped(<ThermalExpansion:Machine:0>, [[null,alloy,null], [bricks,basic,bricks], [coppergear,reception,coppergear]]);

Re: Help with NBT Recipe Adding?

Postby CastielAngelow » Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:18 pm

I assume you are using latest MineTweaker + ModTweaker.
Just use command /mt tooltips and hover over item you want name for it.
There should be entry in lore like <ThermalExpansion:blockMachine:3>.withTag(SOMETHING);
That you will use as VAL / VAR
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Re: Help with NBT Recipe Adding?

Postby ylerarriet » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:56 am

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