scripting annoyances.

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scripting annoyances.

Postby jah ith ber » Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:00 am

A few things I want to ask.

This one has probably been asked before but are item IDs usable?

Secondly, if Item IDs arent usable, how can I get a certain recipe to use items that arent in the oredict? For example, In a personal private modpack, some mods I am using include Metallurgy 4, Buildcraft, Project Red and IC2.

A recipe I want to make would be to replace the diamond pickaxe in the buildcraft quarry with a Tartarite Pickaxe from metallurgy 4 and replace the redstone with a red alloy ingot from Project red.

Another recipe would be to replace the wood planks in the batbox recipe with damascus steel ingots from metallurgy 4.

I am new to this mod so I just wanted to ask a few things... that is all.

EDIT: Seems all scripts error for me... even basic ones. I cant made a single damn script without some trolly error getting in the way. Heres a couple scripts I have tried.

: [Select all] [/] [] ()
recipes.addShaped(<Buildcraft|Factory:machineBlock>, [[<Buildcraft|Core:ironGearItem>, <ProjRed|Core:projectred.core.part:10>, <Buildcraft|Core:ironGearItem>],[<Buildcraft|Core:goldGearItem>, <Buildcraft|Core:ironGearItem>, <Buildcraft|Core:goldGearItem>],[<Buildcraft|Core:diamondGearItem>, <Metallurgy:tartarite.pickaxe>, <Buildcraft|Core:diamondGearItem>]]);
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That a buildcraft one.

and this one is just a replacer recipe for the ender chest along with a rename, pretty simple right? well it errors anyway...

: [Select all] [/] [] ()
recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:ender_chest>, [[<Metallurgy:black.steel.ingot>, <Thaumcraft:ItemResource:2>, <Metallurgy:black.steel.ingot>], [<Thaumcraft:ItemResource:2>, <minecraft:blaze_powder>, <Thaumcraft:ItemResource:2>, [<Metallurgy:black.steel.ingot>, <Thaumcraft:ItemResource:2>, <Metallurgy:black.steel.ingot>]]);
<minecraft:ender_chest>.displayName = "Transdimensional Strongbox";
<minecraft:ender_chest>.addTooltip("Carries its own inventory even across dimensions.");
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Re: scripting annoyances.

Postby Stan » Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:33 pm

In 1.6.4, you can use item IDs, but in any of the 1.7 versions, you can't. The item names (as output by /mt names) are the new item IDs and the only supported way to refer to items.

Take care with capitals. BuildCraft is written with a capital C, making the recipes fail. In your second example, there is a missing ]. Actually, the error told you in both cases what was the issue...
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Re: scripting annoyances.

Postby jah ith ber » Thu Oct 09, 2014 4:18 am

Sorry if the OP sounded a bit rude, I was a little frustrated. Being new to this mod and not fully understanding it even after reading the tutorials.

I made the fixes you mentioned and it works like a charm, many thanks.
jah ith ber
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Re: scripting annoyances.

Postby turopikeq » Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:22 am

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