Dragon Heart Recipe

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Dragon Heart Recipe

Postby roux2 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:47 pm

Hello, can someone please help me with my dragon heart recipe in infinity evolved? I have written a bit but I am new to minetweaker and need some help...
This is what i have so far:
import mods.DraconicEvolution

[[<DraconicEvolution:wyvernCore>, <DraconicEvolution:mobSoul>, <DraconicEvolution:wyvernCore>],
[<DraconicEvolution:mobSoul>, <DraconicEvolution:draconium:2>, <DraconicEvolution:mobSoul>],
[<DraconicEvolution:draconicCore>, <DraconicEvolution:mobSoul>, <DraconicEvolution:draconicCore>]]);

the crafting recipe looks like this in my mind:
Wyvern Core, Mob Soul (any kind), Wyvern Core
Mob Soul(any kind), Charged draconium, Mob soul(any kind)
Draconic Core, Mob Soul(any kind), Draconic Core

please can you tell me what is wrong here?
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