Free 800M runescape gold selling site for U to Learn The Det

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Free 800M runescape gold selling site for U to Learn The Det

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Might and Magic X Legacy Shard of Darkness Puzzle QuestHead back to the elemental forge. The rs gold room that the darkness shard opens is located at level 1 of the elemental forge. Go inside and find a series of teleporters in the dark.The heroes should approach the darkness teleporters in the following way
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Might and Magic X Legacy Get Blessing of ShalassaShalassa governs the water domains. The heroes need the blessing of Shalassa to transverse shallow watery areas. This is one of the most important blessings to get. However, before the heroes can do this, they must get the Shard of Water.
Might and Magic X Legacy Get Shard of AirIf the heroes progress normally in the main quests, eventually they will reach Rock Skull. Rock Skull level 2 contains the shard of air. However, it is guarded by lots and lots of nagas, kenshi and pearl priestesses. By this stage, the heroes' levels would be high enough for them to annihilate the whole army of them using fire spells.
The final stage to getting the air shard is to pass through the mermaid queen Lemanja. Defeat her, search the vicinity for a small chest and the air shard belongs to the heroes.The Shard of Water is found in level 4 of the lost city. It is guarded by undeads and is found in a chest at the end of the corridor.
Might and Magic X Legacy Air Shard Puzzle QuestNow, the tricky part of the air shard quest is actually getting to the air elemental boss. The raiders must align a series of steps in the air so that they can climb the steps or pedestals and reach the top to meet and defeat the air elemental boss. The sequence or number of times to step on the pedestals is actually quite simple. Do this
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