100% Reliable to Buy Runescape Gold at Raiditem.

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100% Reliable to Buy Runescape Gold at Raiditem.

Postby raiditem4ever » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:51 am

As you may know, OSRS new changes are available. As your friend and a professional RS 2007 gold shop which can offer you top services, Raiditem.com is absolutely honored to share the details for you! :P

Here is the highlight of new changes, and you will definitely want to know this change. Completing bounty tasks will award 10 points immediately. Your tasks will cycle every 30 minutes, and only one may be completed within that time. Unwanted bounties may be skipped up to three times per day. The potential bounty tasks you may receive are:

- Kill two targets without leaving, or going below level 1 Wilderness
- Kill your target using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit
- Kill your target while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only)
- Kill your target without using any prayers
- Kill your target without using a special attack
- Kill your target without using Protect Item
- Kill your target without any stat boosts

Do you like the new change? Don’t you need to buy OSRS gold to get some enhancement in advance? If you are thinking about to do so. Then raiditem.com is the best choice for you because we guarantee you these reliable services:

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Whenever you want to buy runescape Gold , then why not come to raiditem.com first? Top services are here for you. :lol:
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