Final Fantasy 14 Favorite Hairstyle is Back

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Final Fantasy 14 Favorite Hairstyle is Back

Postby jannick » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:51 am

For years, there has been no haircut available for Final Fantasy XIV, who will make a definitive return in the ad do this morning by Square Enix.

The long-awaited patch 5.5 Final Fantasy 14 arrives next Tuesday, allowing fans suffering to live the end of the Shade division. Although it has been confirmed that the real conclusion of the history of the shadow will be the beginning of the terminator, the players will enjoy several layers of content outside the questline of the main story.

The League Raid on the theme of the Agency AUTO will arrive at its conclusion by pulling the curtains, in partnership with the Extension Director's Cross Focus Club. The players will also have the opportunity to face the ultimate weapon, the diamond weapon, in a Werlyt mourning event that concludes the parallel history of Garlemald. Players who hope to relax in the golden saucer will have a special bonus to wait, who is waiting for some players.

While the event "Make It Rain" returns each year in Final Fantasy XIV for a limited time, Rainmaker has still not proposed it as a reward since the first launch of the hairstyle. To do not arrange anything exactly the same hairstyle - the resistant M'nago Rahz-in of Ala Mhigan - has also been added to the game in 2017, which constitutes a frustrating reminder for those who do not arrive to appropriate.

The next Forza Motorsport is early beta and you can be part of it. Note: Final Fantasy fans have widely regarded that Raincoat Haircut was modeled after Rat, a Final Fantasy Type-0 character from 2011 that made later appearances in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. I could not find confirmation from Square Enix himself, but I will give the community the benefit of the doubt because they look almost identical.

After completing the return of the rainmaker, the Final Fantasy XIV players finally breathed to full lungs, and the combo signature ponyhead tail bears his fruits. Well, unless they play as part of the viara tournament of the game, great women rabbits can not apparently dress with this hairstyle. I guess Square Enix decided that there were already enough for everyone.

The 5.5 patch will also allow players to buy a golden variant of the Final Fantasy XIV Gil painting frame, the Final Fantasy game currency of 14. And I highly recommend for this. This gives players who have too much money on them and on their guardians a way to spread their wealth or buy the golden Namazu mountain they need so much. There will also be an outbreak tournament on the Easter theme on April 14, giving players a chance to earn equipment on the theme of the chicken.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC and PS4, and came out in beta version on PS5 on April 13th.
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