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How to remove recipes from IC2 machines?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:27 pm
by ThePwnd

To provide a little context for the script I'm writing (otherwise, it will probably look rather pointless)... I'm playing on a private modpack for 1.7.10, and on that modpack I have Railcraft 9.12 and IC2 experimental 2.2.827. The refined iron from IC2 has been registered under the ore dictionary as steel, which makes it and the steel ingot from Railcraft interchangeable. Ultimately, I'm trying to undo that.

With that said, here's the script I've written:

: [Select all] [/] [] ()
import mods.ic2.Compressor;
import mods.ic2.MetalFormer;

val steel = <ore:ingotSteel>;

   [[<IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>],
    [<IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>],
    [<IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>, <IC2:itemIngot:3>]]);

Compressor.addRecipe(<IC2:blockMetal:5>, <IC2:itemIngot:3> * 9);
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When I try to load this script in-game, I get this error message:
ERROR: Distinguish_Steel_and_Refined_Iron.zs:23 > No such static member in mods.ic2.Compressor:
ERROR: Error executing Distinguish_Steel_and_Refined_Iron.zs: minetweaker/api/item/IItemStackAny

The culprit, of course, appears to be this line: Compressor.remove(<IC2:blockMetal:5>)
However, I've tried, Compressor.removeRecipe, Compressor.delete, and Compressor.deleteRecipe, but all of these generate the same error message. The wiki only seems to have documentation on how to add recipes for IC2 machines. Anyone happen to know how to remove recipes for IC2 machines, or if that's even supported?

Re: How to remove recipes from IC2 machines?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:27 pm
by LoganVasey