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What cape should I pick?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:10 am
by starding
If you are dishonoring someone, here's what i do If I am dishonoring, I don't wait for two minutes to consider all the possiblities of losing before I accept a duel--those poeple are unnerving (no offense) If it becomes apparent to me that the opponent is less armored or has a lower CB lvl than I, i MIGHT remove my armor. I don't use protecting prayer. I also don't try to cheat since it does not work.

Okay, so I am currently at level 90 and have 9m-9m after being scammed of 600k. However, I need a Santa hat ASAP and was looking for the fastest way to make money through f2p. To make around 700k, I'm currently melting 6k and 12k metal into 6k steel. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

So, I'm planning to buy myself a RS membership. Since this is my first month with RS, I have a few general questions I'd like to know the answers to. What type of protection do I need? I have an amount of 500k to spend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've seen mems in F2P worlds wearing backpacks. They're intriguing to me. So what are these called, what are they or do I have to do a quest to get one? What is the first mission you should start? (I would love to complete a quest to enable me to use dragon weapons) What is the initial P2P ability you need to learn? I love the Sara robe. I've been told that you must beat monsters of high level in the sme wilderness arena. Do you think it is difficult to take down this monster at my lvl at 74? I would appreciate any tips on making money or good places to teach my skills in combat.

What cape should I pick? It can take a while to obtain the Skill cape. You need some high skills and tons of cash to purchase the Fire cap. I can make/buy Ppots. I own 100 Sharks. I have enough money left over for Guthan's and crossbow and some bolts. I have 134 hours to finish my fire cape. I've got six more days of the X'Mas celebration.

My aim at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Fletching as well as Cooking are my two top choices, though they aren't the fastest. Woodcutting is also the most time-consuming. I have a decent amount of cash, but I'd rather not spend 1m if I don't benefit of it ( I could sell Guthan's and crossbow, keep the pots for future use, or sell them ). If you want to know more about can go

Re: What cape should I pick?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2021 4:00 pm
by power
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