Botania + Thaumcraft scripts

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Botania + Thaumcraft scripts

Postby Zyin » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:11 pm

EDIT: CurseForge now has a section for MineTweaker scrips. Find my project here: ... thaumcraft.

Botania and Thaumcraft go very well together due to their magical nature and popularity. Because of this I made a custom private modpack that focuses on these two mods exclusively for progressive content. I also wanted to use Minetweaker 3 to combine them to make them feel interconnected; one requiring the other to move forward.

I've started writing some custom scripts to modify recipes to accomplish this but then I thought the community may have already implemented something like this. If there is please post a link to them, otherwise I'll post my own custom Botania + Thaumcraft scripts here once I'm done.
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Re: Botania + Thaumcraft scripts

Postby Zyin » Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:26 pm

Here it is, v1.0 of my 1.7.10 Botania + Thaumcraft scripts. I've play tested it up to elven trade and golem tech. ... umcraft.zs

Thaumcraft: Thaumcraft-1.7.10-
Botania: Botania r1.7-219.jar

The most major change involved creating a tiered system:

  1. Thaumcraft - arcane worktable
    Botania - runic alter, alchemy catalyst, tier 1 flowers
  2. Thaumcraft - alchemy
  3. Thaumcraft - infusion
    Botania - tier 2 flowers
  4. Botania - elven
  5. Thaumcraft - golems
    Botania - gaia

This let me control balance issues between Botania and Thaumcraft. One example is the Boots of the Traveler and Soujouner's Sash. The sash is much easier to craft and performs better, therefore I made it accessible only after the Boots of the Traveler.

I also modified some basic recipes such as Botania's runes. I disliked how the runes required a bunch of random ingredients that I could never remember so I made them require some logical Thaumcraft items instead that are easy to remember (and also adds a little challenge for the seasonal tier 2 runes). Some convenience crafting recipes have been added, such as the ability to craft Greatwood/Silverwood saplings, blaze rods, Nitor, and Alumentum.

Recipe changes for Thaumcraft are represented in the Thaumonomicon. Recipes changes for Botania are NOT represented in the Lexica Botanica so use NEI for those.

Botania recipe changes
Elven Mana Spreader: replaces mana petal with Nitor
Alchemy Catalyst: uses ethereal essences and silverwood
Conjuration Catalyst: uses ethereal essences and a purifying fluid bucket
Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate: uses a magic mirror + thaumium block
Redstone Root: greatwood/silverwood sapling + redstone dust
Mana Lens: uses mirrored glass (its easier to craft now)
Rune of air: uses air shard
Rune of water: uses water shard
Rune of fire: uses fire shard
Rune of earth: uses earth shard
Rune of mana: uses a balanced shard
Rune of spring: uses victus crystalized essence
Rune of summer: uses messis crystalized essence
Rune of autumn: uses mortuus crystalized essence
Rune of winter: uses gelum crystalized essence
Spark: uses alumentum
Mana Pylons: uses a dragonstone
Crystal Bow: uses a bone bow
Terra Shatterer: uses a pickaxe of the core
Terra Truncator: uses an axe of the stream
Natura Pylon: uses an arcane levitator and the arcane infusion alter
Gaia Pylon: uses arcane infusion alter
Soujourner's Sash: uses dragonstone and the arcane infusion alter
Globetrotter's Sash: uses the arcane infusion alter
Flugel Tiara: uses a thaumic harness and the arcane infusion alter

Thaumcraft recipe changes
Greatwood sapling: pasture seed + nightshade + any sapling
Silverwood sapling: pasture seed + daybloom + any sapling
Table: uses living wood planks
Nitor: glowstone in a mana pool
Alumentum: uses coal with an alchemy catalyst
Arcane Stone Block: uses metamorphic stone instead of stone
Runic Matrix: uses a sea lantern
Arcane Bore: uses various mana lenses
Elemental Shards: can be created with prismarine shard + a magical flower
Balanceed Shard: can be created with prismarine shard + glimmering white flower + salis mundus (it requires doing alchemy at least once)
Golem cores: uses pixie dust
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Re: Botania + Thaumcraft scripts

Postby ScottyP » Thu Nov 11, 2021 6:35 am

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