Invalid character error

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Invalid character error

Postby Integral » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:55 pm

Not for long ago I've discovered a strange bug (I'm sure it should be a bug) with using "§" symbol in my scripts - after placing it in them they don't work, giving an error. Of cource I know, that item names and such must not contain punctuation - but an error happens independently of where this symbol is used, even when I try to add a comment and leave it here, mistake like this is returned:

: [Select all] [/] [] ()
ERROR: Error loading main.zs: stanhebben.zenscript.parser.TokenException: Invalid character at main.zs:532 - ?
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So, i cannot create items with custom names like <minecraft:diamond_hoe>.withTag({display: {Name: "§5§lHoe of Doom"}}). If seriously, it makes me pretty sad, as minecraft formatting is impossible without that symbol, and without it, as for me, it looses much.
I know that it's possible to use it, as for about a year ago i created a few working scripts with formatting used, but now none of them work, and i remain completely unable to understand, what's wrong.

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