Differenct between Copper Wire and Magnet Wire

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Differenct between Copper Wire and Magnet Wire

Postby zhouxingsheng » Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:15 am

There is not much of a major difference between the two types of wires. Both wires are same by conduct, but the magnet copper wire is specially coated with thin and high heat absorbing material as opposed to copper wires. Thin insulated material helps to make more turns in a small area in motors, transformers, relays, etc. and is capable of heat absorption.

Magnet wire is copper wire with thin enamel insulation, instead of the usual thicker plastic.

You could use regular copper wire with plastic insulation, but you won't be able to get as many turns into the winding. It will work, but not be as efficient.

Magnet wire is coated with an enamel insulation vs a plastic or rubber coating. This makes the insulation thinner and allows for a more compact winding and hence denser magnetic field in the coil.

Magnet wire also comes in thinner gauges (thickness) and is solid wire vs regular wire which has larger sizes and also comes in a stranded version. Magnet wire is copper wire. It is just plain copper with a thin enamel coating which acts as an insulator. Almost all the copper wires are fully insulated and it is very rare to find uninsulated copper wire nowadays.

Regular Copper wire :- Copper has one of the highest electrical conductivity rates among metals, which allows it to be soldered with ease. It also makes it possible for smaller conductors to be used to transmit power loads. Smaller conductors are easier to transport and install, and they cost less, which helps manage wiring costs.

Copper doesn’t undergo the same extreme expansion and contraction cycles as aluminum so it is a more stable material to use.electrical wires and cables。 To figure this out yourself you can try using other copper wires that come with 'normal' insulation, but you will soon find out that the coils are too large or have too few windings on them.

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