Shake up Rainbow Six Siege at a Massive manner by mmoak

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Shake up Rainbow Six Siege at a Massive manner by mmoak

Postby Mmoak2018 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:40 am

Claymores could be especially effective with himas the range of the torch is small enough to make him very vulnerable while using Cheap R6 credits. Instead, he could just as easily place the claymore from the enemy's distance hidden, leading in certain sneaky kills if pulled off correctly.

Interestingly, while Maverick is undoubtedly a hard breacher, Ubisoft is positioning him as the mid-point involving the other breachers and disablers such as Twitch and Thatcher. As his torch can make tiny holes in all kinds of areas, he's also perfectly positioned to clear out Mute's signal disruptor and Bandit's shock cables. This means that he can work well in tandem with the blatant breachers, particularly Thermite, while also holding his own if need be.

Meta-wise, it is difficult to know for sure where Maverick will fit in because of his high flexibility and wildly different synergies. Clash is simple: she's a defense with crowd control capabilities. She's a definitive place within the metagame. Maverick is different, as he's a hard breacher but also probably won't be employed to fully replace Hibana or Thermite, due to his poor resource pool. He feels to be an operator to get more technical gamers, together with his devastating ability to open new paths of attack being balanced by his overall squishiness.

Operation Grim Sky looks set to shake Rainbow Six Siege at a massive way, with Clash and Maverick being only one part of an all-encompassing update that news could significantly change the game in a way we have not really seen as Operation Health. It will be available on PC in the Tactical Test Server from Monday, August 20, with a complete launch coming at an unspecified time then.
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