IC2 Macerator Recipies

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IC2 Macerator Recipies

Postby TuxOKC » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:52 pm

Thanks go to Jared on Discord [https://discord.gg/YJH6CkG] for help with this!

4 Biomes 'O Plenty Pile of Ashes will yield an Ash Block, but the Ash Block is useless, but the same Pile of Ashes can be used to craft coal if you've got 9 of them, so it's only logical that the Ash Blocks being harvested from the End ought to be usable as fuel if we could only process them, so with Jared's help I've put together the script to do just that!

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import mods.ic2.Macerator;
Macerator.addRecipe(<BiomesOPlenty:misc:1> * 4, <BiomesOPlenty:ash>);
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Biomes O' Plenty needs to work on the ore dictionary names... 'misc:1' is 'Pile of ashes', and 'ash' is the Ash Block.

Hope this helps others with Macerator recipies. I've already got some ideas to make more of the resources harvested from the End into useful fuels.


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