Buy Nike Air Max 98 on Cadysneakers

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Buy Nike Air Max 98 on Cadysneakers

Postby blair2019 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:55 pm

Nike Air Max 98 is a low-cut shoe, which is a good choice in spring and summer. Coupled with the continuous color matching, many shoe lovers prefer it. Recently, it has exposed a new color, bold color collision, high-grade leather material, which instantly caught the eye. The white leather body is covered with lake green and blue. The mid-air Air Max air cushion and outsole are yellow, and the toe details are made of special yellow leather, adding a lot of detail to the whole pair of shoes.

FEAR of God, which is a brother brand with OFF-WHITE, has become a representative street fashion brand under the management of Jerry Lorenzo. The Fear of God x Nike co-branded collection is also the most popular series after the OFF-WHITE x Nike The Ten. Two new pairs of shoes, Air Fear of God Raid and Air Fear Of God Moc, which have been repeatedly exposed, have finally been released this month. Air Fear of God Raid pays tribute to the classic Air Raid collection with a double strap on the upper. Light grey upper with high quality leather and nylon. The black Swoosh Logo is decorated with a shoe body, a lace buckle and a Fear of God Logo on the midsole. The overall design is still simple. The forefoot single layer, the back palm double layer Zoom Air air cushion, the moderate upper, and the excellent practical basketball shoes attributes. Inspired by traditional Indian heelless shoes, the Air Fear of God Moc features a sock-style shoe design with a very smooth outline. Gray woven material with fine texture. The large Velcro traverses the body of the shoe and outlines the simple upper with a sash.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Almost every generation of the LeBron Soldier collection will feature a special version called Flyease that incorporates a zipper design for convenience for people with mobility impairments. LeBron Soldier 12 has also recently released a Flyease version and is a popular Sprite color in the LeBron collection. Redesign the original strap system and add a zipper around the heel to easily penetrate without the need to pull the neckline, making it easier to put on and take off. The blue color is the main color, the green gradient effect is added to the midsole, and the strap is decorated with yellow to bring a refreshing sprite dress. The leather toe of the toe is printed with the words “Big Taste”.
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