what kind of bag you are suitable for?

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what kind of bag you are suitable for?

Postby wellpromotion » Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:53 am

There are tips on choosing a bag to see what kind of bag you are suitable for?
Do you have a so-called choice phobia? Especially when choosing clothes and buying bags! Seeing all kinds of bags, is there always a feeling of entanglement that you want to buy and don't want to buy? What is even more heartbreaking is that sometimes you will suddenly feel that choosing a bag to buy home is not suitable for you! This is really embarrassing.
In fact, the choice of bags is also very particular about it. You should choose from a combination of your age, occupation, and identity to get the bag that really suits you!
Professional women - square oval style bag
This style of bag gives people an intimate sense of intimacy, with any professional wear, no need to worry about the awkward feeling behind the professional wear. This bag is the most popular in black and white. It is one of the must-have items in the workplace, which is both versatile and temperamental.

Next door girl - light color bag
Light-colored clothing often gives people a clean and elegant feeling, which is very suitable for literary girls at home. Among the plain bags, milky white and pure white are the recommended colors, which are the best choice for improving temperament and taste. But there is one point to note. If you choose a light-colored bag, it is best not to wear dark-colored clothing to prevent staining.

Warm goddess - orange, gold satchel
The golden small bag is a popular item on the T-stage this year, and it is also a favorite of the street-loving stars. The metallic bag gives a warm and easy-going feel, and it is also very white, very eye-catching! Choose a golden bag to go out, you can't do low-key on the street.

Cool girl - dark chain bag
If you are a kind of cool and refreshing girl, like a baseball cap, baseball uniform and the like, it is best to choose a dark chain bag. The metal texture of the chain is matched with dark colors such as black and basket, which will make your cool feeling double!
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