In contrast to pre-EoC or even OSRS

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In contrast to pre-EoC or even OSRS

Postby MMOexpshop » Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:04 am

Honestly, I don't care what is done with all the wilderness. As a lower mid level runescape participant, there's absolutely no reason for to really go out there. Can not do strykes or moths, there's better mining and herblore locations for my degree, agility course is too far from the way (no demonic skulls to make it worth, either) and cursed energy until getting innovation is hardly worth trigger a PKer includes a tent set up there and also 100-deaths me in 3 minutes cause I just got ~7000 hp and just 65 def. I really don't need to waste my damn period running around that blasted hellscape to perform skilling since there are better, more suitable things for me to perform as a way to train. To me, it is a big empty void of space that holds no value now.

Thank you for your answer, it's fantastic to listen to from non-maxed runescape players also! You adress some valid points, the wilderness in its present state is... simply weird. Mainly because everyone avoids it because the blasted hellscape it's, they haven't placed much emphasis on it in quite a while. I hope that my suggestion will find some life back into the jungle as a stepping stone where greater material can be made for- and - balanced on. Honestly I think that it could be very good if the wildy had any slightly-better-than-normal skilling options (like the moths you cite or wilderness slaying).

But updating that without having the ability to train there without even the chance of losing weeks of advancement looks pointless. Btw, since you talk about mining, there is a good place at the pirates hideout to mine banite 7 steps from a furnace if you're assaulted at which you can Deposit-all. Possibly the best place until you have indications of this porter to spend on it or ritual of this mahjarrat unlocked.I would be against that on principle but the power balance for risking is entirely off - in contrast to pre-EoC or even OSRS.

Someone royal and running around using a +1 weapon dhide, about danger, has a great deal of firepower even in contrast to somebody. Style penalties are far too punishing, going up with actual risk and BiS gear against somebody in rags of everything you're weak to is still in the man in rags' favour.So yes it has my support. They would still be issues (check the recover for wearing Achto helm+body+thighs ) but frankly it could be an improvement at this time. Additionally TMW is overpowered.

Check out rsgoldfast for more details.
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