I need a explanation of the Wildcard expression

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I need a explanation of the Wildcard expression

Postby Voidi » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:34 am

I will be honest: i need complete and relativly detailed explanation how Minecraft(Forge) and Minetweaker handles the Wildcard expression for the Data value.
<minecraft:saplin:*> for example, if unclear

I currently working at forestry support in Minetweaker, and there is a bug that some maschines don't accept the Wildcard notation.
My naive line of thought was, that Forge nativly support this Wildcard, is this right?

So i write in the Minetweaker addon (simplyfied Pseudocode):

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addRecipe(IItemStack itemInput, otherstuff) {
   ModApi.addrecipe(getItemStack(itemInput), otherstuff)
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writing the 'Itemstack.toString' to the log give me,
using the wildcard * in a script
something like this 'internalName@32767'

how has this handle any modcrafting mechanism to work?

I asume that ItemStack1.isItemEqual(ItemStack2) only matches if the datavalues are the same?
Because if use itemstack1.getItemDamage() == Defaults.WILDCARD it seems to work.

I want to know i (in Modtweaker) have to write something special
or if the modauthor must make their crafting mechanismen aware of damage values.
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Re: I need a explanation of the Wildcard expression

Postby joshie » Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:27 am

Mods have to support it. So it's a forestry issue.
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