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GregTech 6 support

Postby LionZXY » Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:56 pm

GregTech recipe support use a Reflection API.

List all recipe variable you can find (Sorry, i can't post url. Find in gist github com/LionZXY/83e35ab45d3a14c463e0)


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MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(String recipeVar, boolean aOptimize, long aEUt, long aDuration, long[] aChances, IItemStack[] aInputs, ILiquidStack aFluidInput, ILiquidStack aFluidOutput, IItemStack[] aOutputs);
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MTUtilsGT.removeCustomRecipe(String recipeVar, IItemStack[] output);
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for add or remove recipe.


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import mods.MTUtilsGT;
MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe("sShredderRecipes",true, 128, 128, [10000],
[<minecraft:stone>], null, null, [<minecraft:diamond_block>]);
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Add this recipe

Sorry, i can't post url. Find in curse on name "MTUtils"
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