[MFR] Can't get FruitPicker.AddFruit() to work

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[MFR] Can't get FruitPicker.AddFruit() to work

Postby Sinhika » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:59 pm

Note: cross-posted to Minecraftforum as well.

Okay, I have been trying to get a script that adds MFR Fruit Picker support for Growthcraft Apple Trees--but it's undocumented. I've been having to dig through the Minetweaker MFR source on GitHub to figure it out. I almost had it, but I cannot figure out how to turn a standard IItemStack into the IBlock it's looking for.

: [Select all] [/] [] ()
import minetweaker.item.IItemStack;
import minetweaker.block.IBlock;

import mods.mfr.Planter;
import mods.mfr.Fertilizer;
import mods.mfr.FruitPicker;

var ripeAppleItem = <growthcraft|apples:grc.appleblock:2> as IItemStack;
#var ripeApple = ripeAppleItem as Block;
var greenAppleItem = <growthcraft|apples:grc.appleblock:0> as IItemStack;
#var greenApple = greenAppleItem as Block;

# apple trees

Fertilizer.addFertilizable( <growthcraft|apples:grc.applesapling>, "normal");
Fertilizer.addFertilizable( <growthcraft|apples:grc.appleblock> , "normal");

#FruitPicker.addFruit(ripeAppleItem, greenAppleItem, <minecraft:apple>.weight(100));
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The stuff that's commented out, doesn't work. It either causes the script to abort with an exception (that's the "ripeApple ... as Block" lines; can't find IItemStackAny, why it's looking for that I don't know), or it complains that it can't find a matching method (that's if I use the plain old items). So, how do I feed FruitPicker.addFruit() a block-type variable? Second question, the greenApple var really should be "<minecraft:air>", except that Minetweaker 3 apparently doesn't know about air.
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Re: [MFR] Can't get FruitPicker.AddFruit() to work

Postby zikyqekiqaf » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:26 am

thank you
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