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Although most of the command information is redudant to the ingame information here a simple help for beginners what commands are available ingame and what they do.

How to use ingame commands for minetweaker:

Open the ingame minecraft chat (default value is t). All commands you put ingame start with a slash and are followed by the command. So also for minetweaker. To post a minetweaker command simple write minetweaker after the slash for those of you that are a bit lazy to type such a long word


simply use


Several commands print the information into the chat while others write it into the minetweaker.log file which is in your minecraft folder.

List of Commands

Show all ingame commands and what they do in the ingame chat:

 /mt help

Open Minetweaker's bugtracker on github in a new tab of your browser:

 /mt bugs

Open Minetweaker's forum thread on the page in a new tab of your browser:

 /mt forum

Open Minetweaker's wiki page in a new tab of your browser:

 /mt wiki

Post the currently held item of your minecraft char into the chat. It will also give the the amount and if the item has any the tag

 /mt hand

Post all item names and their amounts and their tags of your inventory into the ingame chat:

 /mt inventory

Posts all liquid names into the minetweaker.log file in your minecraft directory:

 /mt liquids

Posts the names and the version of all mods into the ingame chat:

 /mt mods

Posts the name in chat of the item for its given id:

 /mt name <id>

Post all names of all items (including all items from all installed mods) into minetweaker.log:

 /mt names

Post all current ore dictionary entries from the game into minetweaker.log:

 /mt oredict

Post all items from a given name to an ore dictionary entry into the minetweaker.log:

 /mt oredict <name>

Parses and if possible reloads all zenscripts (minetweaker scripts .zs files) that are currently saved in your minecraft script folder. If an error occurs the name of the file and a basic error message is posted in the chat. Additionally a more detailed error message is written into the minetweaker.log file. If no errors occur it posts only a Scripts reloaded message into the ingame chat and writes all removed, added and updated recipes or ore dictionary entries into the minetweaker.log file:

 /mt reload

Minetweaker.log file

The file is cleared once you start a new minecraft game.