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NOTICE: This page uses the 1.7.X item names

NOTICE: The canner has not yet been tested. Adjust this message if you tried its recipes.

NOTE: recipes for these machines cannot reload. Once added, you need to restart Minecraft to undo them.

IC2 support enables addition of recipes for IC2 machines.

Crafting with electric items

You can use and discharge IC2 tools in crafting recipes. For example:

val chainsaw = <IC2:itemToolChainsaw>.anyDamage();
recipes.addShapeless(<minecraft:stick> * 3, [<ore:plankWood>, chainsaw.onlyIC2ChargeAtLeast(100).transformIC2Discharge(100)]);


The following machines are supported:

  • Canner
  • Compressor
  • Extractor
  • Macerator
  • Metal Former
  • Ore Washer
  • Recycler
  • Thermal Centrifuge

Each of these machines can have new recipes added:

import mods.ic2.Canner;
import mods.ic2.Compressor;
import mods.ic2.Extractor;
import mods.ic2.Macerator;
import mods.ic2.MetalFormer;
import mods.ic2.OreWasher;
import mods.ic2.ThermalCentrifuge;

// TODO: make some proper examples and test them
Canner.addBottleRecipe(output, container, fillIngredient);
Canner.addBottleRecipe(output, container, water);
Canner.addEnrichRecipe(output, input, additiveItem);
Canner.addEnrichRecipe(output, input, additiveLiquid);

Compressor.addRecipe(<minecraft:planks>, <minecraft:stick>);
Extractor.addRecipe(<minecraft:wheat>, <minecraft:bread>);
Macerator.addRecipe(<minecraft:wheat> * 2, <minecraft:bread>);
MetalFormer.addCuttingRecipe(<minecraft:stick> * 3, <minecraft:planks:*>);
MetalFormer.addExtrudingRecipe(<minecraft:stick> * 3, <minecraft:planks:*>);
MetalFormer.addRollingRecipe(<minecraft:stick> * 3, <minecraft:planks:*>);
OreWasher.addRecipe([<minecraft:wheat>, <minecraft:wheat_seeds>], <minecraft:bread>, 1000); // 1000 = water usage
ThermalCentrifuge.addRecipe([<minecraft:wheat>, <minecraft:wheat_seeds>], <minecraft:bread>, 1000); // 1000 = minimum temperature

Recycler blacklist

You can add additional items to the recycler blacklist:

import mods.ic2.Recycler;


Semifluid generator

It is possible to add new fuels to the semifluid generator:

import mods.ic2.SemiFluidGenerator;

// first argument is the amount of liquid used per cycle, the second the energy production / tick
SemiFluidGenerator.addFluid(<liquid:lava> * 10, 5);


You can register new items to the scrapbox:

import mods.ic2.ScrapBox;


As a reference, diamond has weight 0.1, dirt has weight 5 and wooden tools have weight 1.