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MineTweaker 3.0

Goal: bringing MineTweaker mod support back to where it was and finalizing the initial features


  • Document: Simple player specific recipes
  • Document: Simple function recipes
  • Document & test: MFR Support

Fixes to be done:

  • Fix NEI bugs, as much as possible
  • Fix for item names sometimes not changing properly?


  • Internal API upgrade. I will finally freeze part of the API such that mod authors can develop integration.
  • Adds new scripting features: including of other files, functions can be shared between scripts.

MineTweaker 3.1 (modding upgrade)

Preliminary MineTweaker 3.1 information: MineTweaker 3.1


  • Completing all features of the ZenScript scripting engine
    • Add include directive for .zsi files (Old style includes)
    • Conditional compilation. Allow different customizations depending on mods installed.
    • Custom classes, interfaces and enums
    • Implemented fully typeless values and typed/typeless conversions
    • Closure values (functions can access values defined in outer scopes)
  • Advanced player specific recipes
  • Advanced function recipes
  • Full documentation of the scripting language
  • Autogenerated documentation on all classes in MineTweaker
  • Custom commands
  • Can listen to events
  • Can set timers
  • World interaction (modifying blocks, detecting block placement, button presses, ...)
  • Player interaction (give/take xp, give/take items, read inventory, ...)
  • Ability to store data in world and players and ability to act upon it
  • Ability to implement script sequences, send messages
  • Ability to store resources in zipped files and directories
  • Ability to add simple custom items and blocks
  • Ability to modify existing items and blocks (includes block drops)
  • Ability to modify mob properties and drops
  • Ability to play sounds and music
  • Can store scripts with Forge mods, which will be automatically executed too
  • Can add simple blocks
  • Can add simple items


  • Custom GUIs
  • GUI to add/remove recipes - might be developed independently too


  • Can add advanced blocks with customized behavior
  • Can add advanced items with customized behavior


  • Initial version of an editor to help developing with MineTweaker
  • Ability to customize ore generation
  • Can add new plants and trees to the world
  • Can ban or restrict certain items from generating
  • Maybe: add custom biomes and dimensions


  • Customize villager trades
  • Customize fishing loot
  • Customize bonemeal
  • Customize mob control and dungeon mobs